BLOCKCHAIN is a strategic priority today – Is your Enterprise ready to come of age?

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MarchForth Blockchain provide a host of offerings to help in the adoption, integration and realization of blockchain networks by leveraging the key characteristics of blockchain network such as shared and distributed ledger, cryptography, immutability, provenance and smart contract. We leverage our strength in other technology areas to build blockchain applications that uses API to interface with the blockchain platform components to achieve business transaction outcomes.


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  • Industry specific Blockchain Solutions focussing on areas: identity, crypto, trade, payments, fraud and compliance, supply chain, and finance.
  • Solutions for distributed applications (DAPPS) and integration with enterprise applications.
  • Security solutions to secure the blockchain platform. Security and privacy in blockchain deployments must address both information technology (IT) security as well as operations technology (OT) security elements.
  • Governance solutions to define procedures and policies of the blockchain network that the network participants agree upon.
  • Management Solutions for Blockchain network that provides visibility of the blockchain operations including business process metrics, performance and business analytics.


There are several popular Blockchain development platforms such as Hyperledger Fabric, R3 Corda and Ethereum. As Blockchain Platform standards evolves and the underlying technology changes, the development teams can find it difficult to be on top of the latest features without dedicated resources. In such a development framework, it does take their time away from specific business challenges that they are trying to address with Blockchain. Though such challenges are to be expected with any emerging technology, they are more pronounced with Blockchain because of its unique features such as open source development model, distributed computing platform making the development team loose focus on the actual business problem.

marchforth solutions are based on well defined blockchain reference architecture that ensures a standards-based Blockchain implementation quickly and successfully. The reference architecture helps organizations and customers in reducing the overall effort for Blockchain implementation through its ease of integration, accelerated time-to-market and faster development and hence, iron out the overall Blockchain technology adoption process.


Marchforth works with you at every step of blockchain adoption and helps you define a road map from assessment that evaluates blockchain solutions, rapid prototyping, creation of Proof-of-Concepts and pilot development to complete deployment of blockchain solutions.
Marchforth creates value for customer using blockchain by harnessesing the power of blockchain and help them create a blockchain network where data is much more accessible, reliable and transactions among partners on the network are verifiable and traceable thereby enabling an ecosystem of trust with their suppliers, partners, and customers.


Assess your business goals and evaluate blockchain opportunity and business impact to create a prototype


Create Solution Design and implement blockchain use cases that maximizes digital transformation across your enterprise.


Build Blockchain solutions with technology on selected platforms with third-party integration and custom coding that meets the future demand and digital transformative state.


Deploy Blockchain solutions across network and integrate with partner systems and manage the blockchain networks and ecosystems.

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