Mobile revolution has changed how consumers and business interact –Do you have the Next-gen Mobile App to give a WOW customer experience?.

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Mobile revolution with the advent of smart phones and handheld tablets has rapidly changed how consumers and business interact. Mobile application has become the primary mode of interactions for both consumers and business alike. As mobile adoption further increases, mobile application becomes critical to the success of an organization. With the constant changes in the mobile application landscape ushered in by new devices introduced in the market, new versions of mobile operating systems and soaring expectation of mobile users makes mobile application it is imperative that your organization has a well thought out mobile strategy and a partner who can help you realize that strategy.

At marchForth our experienced mobile development team can help your organization realize your mobile strategy.

Android and iOS App Development

Our mobile application developers are well trained and has expert knowledge in Object C, Xcode and iOS SDK and Android and Android SDK and emerging technologies like Flutter framework to build an android and iOS apps that is both functional and loads fast.

Cross-Platform Unified App Development

Flutter framework comes with rich feature sets that our mobile developers leverage to build a cross-platform application that you build once and deploy everywhere.

Mobile App Upgrade

Our mobile developers will work with you to make your existing Flutter app
compatible with the latest android and iOS versions and also upgrade your Flutter app to a newer version.

Mobile Security & Integration

Our mobile developers work on a test-driven approach working with our in house quality assurance team and collaborating with customer in testing every implemented aspect of the work to ensure that the product is fully functional and that the code is elegant, easy to maintain and scale up on demands. We integrate with your enterprise identity and access management solutions to ensure data security and make your app secure.

Maintenance and Support

We love challenges, our work does not just end with deploying your mobile app, but it just begins a post-deployment support to give a lending hand to you to facilitate knowledge transfer, upgrades and bug fixes identified by the users of the product. We also help our client to identify evolving aspects to improve and build upon.

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